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And the panic sets in…

Dear World,

We have now moved back to Cville and begun to market our start up company, Citrus Cinema. I thought we were doing a pretty alright job of splitting our time between our responsibilities… and then I made a big list of all of the stuff we still needed to do for the wedding, and then I didn’t feel like that as much anymore.

I always thought that I would be fine without an event planner for the wedding – this was just folly, pure folly, on my part. If I wanted to continue to have a life in the weeks leading up to the wedding I should have gotten an event planner. Not only would this have helped me be less freaked out about everything going smoothly, but it would have kept us on track – I just realized that I should probably get my dress altered last week, for example (good thing, too, because it takes two weeks).

Forrest is a lot calmer than I am, but he’s doing more Citrus Cinema stuff than I am and I think he spends less time thinking about it. Lucky.

Another last minute thing we realized we need to put together is the arbor thing we’re going to get married under… we’re envisioning a basic four-pole structure with weathered planks of wood at the top – does anyone know where we could find weathered planks of wood?

Otherwise, I think we’re organizing things pretty well – I’ve written an itinerary, made a seating chart, mapped out everything for the reception and ceremony, made a playlist for the DJ… I know, you’re impressed, right? It’s all necessary since we’re not going to really be available for most of the day-of since we’ll be getting ready and having fun, because that’s what we’re supposed to do, or so everyone has told us. We do have a lot of people helping us, which has really been one of the best parts of all of this shenaniganry – we got to spend a lot of time with good friends.

Thanks everybody, and congratulations to all who graduated recently!


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Moving Right Along

Hello again, world:

Plans are further falling into place as we near the date! And we have the joy of planning our move back to Charlottesville as well, so we’re still staying busy.

Here’s something we didn’t realize we needed to do: put an “RSVP by” date on our invitations – we’ve had 8 people RSVP, and several of those are actually people in the wedding, who sort of HAVE to be there. If you got an invitation, you should RSVP soon – and for those of you who have, thank you! We need to know how many chairs to set up.

In other news, we have table linens! And I think that I’ve found a place for the hair styling, but I won’t know for sure until next week. My step-mom, Latifa, and I are going full-swing on the paper flowers front, which I think are coming along very nicely (although the biggest challenge so far is figuring out where to keep hundreds of paper flowers after we make them). Our engagement shoot is in two or three weeks, so if you guys have any ideas you should still let us know. We already have some balloons, and we’re thinking about having a mini-version of the UP house, but if you have any other cool ideas please let us know.



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We’re Back!

Dear Readers,

So we’ve been out and about for the past month, spending time in Florida riding Space Mountain three times in a row and losing our wallets in Harry Potter World, Universal Studios (oops… Forrest found it, though, so I just need to do a better job about not leaving my wallet in candy shops). Then we went to Boston to visit our dear friends Erik and Sarah, who helped us figure out a more logistics for the wedding. We’ve also been spending a great deal of time back in Charlottesville, either working or spending time with my dad or meeting with vendors for the wedding or spending time with people in the entourages or a million other things.

We have made some progress since my last post, so let me bring you up to speed:

-we have a DJ! He has a bubble machine! Now I just have to prevent him from playing the chicken dance at the wedding at all costs, and we’ll be golden in that department.

-we went for a tasting with our head caterer (not Carpe Donut, because they’re only handling the dessert) and everything he made for us was spectacular. Not to mention that he’s a really nice guy. So I think that we pretty much have the catering in order.

-my stepmom has been experimenting with a bunch of different kinds of paper flowers since we’re not going with a traditional florist. We’re going to have to make a whole lot of paper flowers before the date! We did also just place an order for around 300 balloons online….

-we have a photographer, who actually approached us and is pushing for us to do an engagement shoot, which we weren’t really planning on doing before. She’s really wonderful, high-energy, and knows what she’s doing. We’re very excited to be working with her. If you have any ideas on where in Richmond would be a good place to do an Up engagement shoot, or any cool ideas for a shoot at all, please let us know.

-I’m still trying to find a hair place in Charlottesville. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know – I usually go to the Hair Cuttery so I’m not really sure where to turn when it comes to a wedding hair styling.

Let us know what you think, and it’s good to be back!



Busy with Plans

BIG NEWS: Our invitations are in progress, and they look AWESOME. Just wanted to put that out there for you all, now you get to wait to see them until they’re good and ready… they should be going to the printer by the end of the week!

In the meantime, Forrest and I are getting ready for a trip to Florida in the next two weeks to visit some of my family on my dad’s side and maybe get in some time to tan and run around Disneyworld and Universal Studios (Hogwarts Park, here we come!).  We’re really excited about going, but this means that we should wrap up what we’re working on right now before we go kind of, so it’s like a deadline for a lot of things.

I went ahead and ordered the hairpieces I was thinking about, so we should have a bridal hairdo all set up soon, and Forrest is currently working on figuring out his entourage’s outfits – it’s looking pretty snazzy, so all of you should prepare for that. This weekend some of my entourage is going to be hanging out, too, probably talking about what our outfit is going to be like… so many arrangements, so many plans!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any cool places to eat or run around in Florida that you know of, leave them in the comments – Forrest and I are going to have our car so even though we’re going to be in Orlando we’re going to be fairly mobile in the surrounding area.


Little Tidbits

Hey Everybody, sorry its been a while!

So we’re still working on nailing down the invitations and the caterers (we got an awesome menu put together by the guys who run the other two food trucks besides Carpe Donut), which is requiring a lot of staying on top of things. Hopefully all of this initiative is going to pay off.

Another big thing: I got my dress! No pictures allowed yet, but I think it’s pretty great. It’s got some lacy bits and some beads on it, ya know, it’s pretty (I’m not very good at detailed dress descriptions). Now all I need are shoes and I also think that I’ve settled on a hair piece, although I’m definitely still open to suggestions on both of those fronts. The pictures I’m posting here are the ones that I’m thinking about right now (the headband would actually be silver, to work with our colors). Please please post any ideas you have!

Forrest and I have pretty much figured out our favors, too – so much     new stuff to be worrying about!


Another “wildflowers photography” inspiration photoshoot

I was just looking through some more wildflowers photography photo shoots in the engagement and couples section – they really do a great job. The Amelie themed photo shoot caught my eye, Forrest and I… mostly I… went through an Amelie phase. He gave me the soundtrack, I think that was the extent of his involvement. Anyway, this photo shoot is cute, here it is for your enjoyment.



Food Food Food (cont’d) Sieze the Taco’s


Zaynah and I went to a tasting this weekend at carpe donut in the really cool redesigned shopping center where Cville coffee is. First off…the donuts were AWESOME!!!! A really nice guy who I think was named Jim prepared a bunch of different things for us to taste. The donuts and Ice Cream are going to be perfect for summer. They had some other cool things like a hot chocolate and a kombucha (fermented tea) which is not my cup of tea, but Zaynah seemed to like it. We told him our idea for what we wanted out of the main caterer and he sent us the info of a guy named Patrick. Super friendly and sounds like he is exactly what we were looking for. The most exciting thing about it is that he knows Nate of Nate’s Taco’s and said that they will probably come as a packaged deal for serving our wedding!!!! If you haven’t had Nate’s tacos then you are missing out….until the wedding…hopefully. Sounds like we’ll have 3 carts on site serving our guests which I think will give a really cool feel!

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Alternative desserts for the win!

It’s looking like Forrest and I are closing in on our dessert choice! And I’ll bet you all didn’t see this one coming (we certainly didn’t) – Carpe Donut, the donut cart on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, caters weddings (who knew?). Besides having regular donuts for everyone, with the option of having vanilla ice cream to put on them, we can even have a powdered sugar donut cake (WHAT?!) and they have a lot of awesome-looking  drink options, too.

We’re going for a taste testing time this weekend, wish us luck! Also, thanks for the great links that everyone’s been posting for me, I think I’m starting to have some idea of what the favors will look like – so exciting! The only thing that’s kind of disappointing is that I think I’m settling for grey on a lot of things instead of silver, but I guess you can’t have everything, and besides, that’s our fault for picking silver as one of our colors….

Thanks to all of you who have participated and made suggestions or comments, they really help ^.^ Keep posting!


The eternal battle for supremacy: Cake vs. Cupcakes vs. alternative desserts

After talking with a lot of friends about the details of the wedding, one of the things I’m realizing is that we’re not stuck with the classic wedding cake business. I’ve been seeing a lot of those “oh it’s funny you just shoved cake all over my face” pictures online and to be honest, I’m sick of that trend. Of all of the silly things that Forrest and I could do to make each other look ridiculous, I think this isn’t what I’d want.

I’m not knocking the idea of a great-looking cake, of course. I found some awesome examples of some serious cake decoration:

Gingerbread UP House

Geeky wedding cakes

james & lynnette’s wedding… up, “up!” & amazing!!!! (the couple who used wildflowers photography I linked to before… scroll down to see their cake, which seems to be covered in fondant but has pretty adorable cake toppers)

Mediocre wedding cake with couple on the lawn

Green Wedding Shoes: (Another) “UP” Inspired Wedding

Despite all this awesomeness, as my friend Alana said, some wedding cake can be pretty gross (see fondant). Cupcakes, of course, are just as good of an option – although with cupcakes there are the advantages of not needing a cake cutter, and we can have more options for people (those of you who know Forrest may remember his love of almond flavoring, be it in marzipan or in the cake itself – this seems like something not everyone would agree with, especially those of you with nut allergies…) My friends Anne Clark & Brooke found a great idea for cupcake decorations – using cookie cutters to make hard candies and using them as toppers (as seen in picture). Anne Clark said that she thought we could make balloons this way, and I think that’s an incredible idea (so much better than the lollipops used in the cupcakes on the same page as the ‘couple on the lawn’ link).

Another option is, if we’re using an experienced, classy, and pricey caterer, we can skip dinner (even though we’re having the ceremony right at dinnertime…) and just do small, cute desserts (baklava, anyone?). I’m not sure how I feel about this option, especially since we were thinking about doing heavy hors d’oeuvres and we were even thinking about having somewhere cheaper (like Chipotle or somewhere similar that does not-full-service-catering) do the catering instead. If we were to use a place like this, we would need to hire some people to do setup and clean up (and that would have the licencing required by our venue), but it would probably still be cheaper than having a full service caterer do the food. I didn’t realize that this was going to be such a hard decision – most of the caterers are looking like they’re going to cost some serious money, but the venue we’ve chosen has some rules that don’t make it as easy as us just making some mini quiches in our own kitchen….

Have any other ideas like Anne Clark & Brooke? As always, leave us comments – here or on Facebook!


Theme: Pixar’s “UP”

Hello World,

I realized that some of you might not be exactly sure what our theme being the movie “UP” might entail. Here’s a youtube clip that might give you a good idea of the basic premise of the movie.

Disney Pixar Up – Married Life

What you don’t see in this clip is Carl flying their house with a huge bunch of balloons coming out of the chimney – this will be a huge motif throughout our wedding, so get ready for that.

Let us know if you have any good ways to incorporate this, it’ll be fun to hear what you guys come up with…

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