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Location, Location, Location

on January 4, 2012

After contacting a few venues we have three appointments to take tours:

Thursday @ 2pm – Keswick Vineyards

Friday @ 12 – King Family Vineyards

Friday @ 4 – Stonefire Station


If any parents would like to tag along, text us and we can make arrangements. So much depends on the location, it’s nerve-wracking to make a choice about this – places are very particular about what you can do in their space, and most of the ones I looked at make you use pre-approved caterers (if they don’t make you use their own restaurant), pre-approved DJs (guess we’re not having a band), pre-approved florists, etc. Basically, anything else we decide we want for the wedding is dependent on the venue. Oh, not to mention the actual date – that’s important.

We’ll keep everyone up to date on our decision, but if you have any ideas in the meantime feel free to voice them. Most of you have our emails or phone numbers (texts are so much better, at least for me) or you’re friends with us on Facebook.

According to the Complete Wedding Guide app I’ve been using, my next steps are to select and reserve our officiant, get together my dress, select and book a photographer, and select our wedding party… and we still have to sign up for classes. Life goes on.



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