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Should we have a photobooth?

on January 11, 2012

I’ve seen some pictures of some pretty great photobooth ideas…

Nerdy props for your wedding photobooth (plus other supplies from ThinkGeek)

The ultimate DIY wedding photobooth tutorial

Create an instant wedding photobooth with Sparkbooth

“Don’t Box Me In” Photobooth Idea

That Wedding: Photobooth

DIY: Wedding Photo Booth (sevenEightcline)

That should be a good number of links for you to get the idea… is it worth it for us to get together materials for us to do this? Does anyone know a free photographer who could do this, or should we set it up ourselves? This isn’t a pressing issue, I just figured that it doesn’t hurt to find out how people feel about an idea (and I’m trying to put out a post a day for you all!… at least before school starts >.<)


6 responses to “Should we have a photobooth?

  1. Sarah Hunter says:

    Hey Z!

    My roommate actually works for a company that rents out photobooth boxes for weddings and such. They cost like 500 bucks but you could easily set up the same thing for the cost of ink and printing paper (plus a wooden box if you wanna be fancy). I can take a look at hers and see if it would be easy to make. It really should be if you guys have a camera that you could use.

  2. akeelpando says:

    Well that’s awesome – yeah, a lot of the articles I linked said that it was pretty simple to do it ourselves… and we totally already have most of the props for it ^.^ I just can’t figure out if it would be worth it to buy the software, or if there’s anyone out there who would want to just take photobooth pictures most of the time?

  3. Sarah Hunter says:

    How much is the software? You could always set the camera on a delay.

  4. akeelpando says:

    $60 if we’re honest about it… that’s what a lot of people did. If we really wanted to we could put together a program for ourselves, we’d just need a template for the pictures to be printed out on and set it up so it would be a one-touch delayed picture. Uh, so complex!

  5. Alana says:

    Do it. Especially if you’re going to get silly props to use with it.

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