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Theme: Pixar’s “UP”

on January 14, 2012

Hello World,

I realized that some of you might not be exactly sure what our theme being the movie “UP” might entail. Here’s a youtube clip that might give you a good idea of the basic premise of the movie.

Disney Pixar Up – Married Life

What you don’t see in this clip is Carl flying their house with a huge bunch of balloons coming out of the chimney – this will be a huge motif throughout our wedding, so get ready for that.

Let us know if you have any good ways to incorporate this, it’ll be fun to hear what you guys come up with…


One response to “Theme: Pixar’s “UP”

  1. AC says:

    Totally just though of this: use balloons as your centerpieces! Could even tie them to bird houses too!

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