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Food Food Food (cont’d) Sieze the Taco’s

on January 22, 2012


Zaynah and I went to a tasting this weekend at carpe donut in the really cool redesigned shopping center where Cville coffee is. First off…the donuts were AWESOME!!!! A really nice guy who I think was named Jim prepared a bunch of different things for us to taste. The donuts and Ice Cream are going to be perfect for summer. They had some other cool things like a hot chocolate and a kombucha (fermented tea) which is not my cup of tea, but Zaynah seemed to like it. We told him our idea for what we wanted out of the main caterer and he sent us the info of a guy named Patrick. Super friendly and sounds like he is exactly what we were looking for. The most exciting thing about it is that he knows Nate of Nate’s Taco’s and said that they will probably come as a packaged deal for serving our wedding!!!! If you haven’t had Nate’s tacos then you are missing out….until the wedding…hopefully. Sounds like we’ll have 3 carts on site serving our guests which I think will give a really cool feel!


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