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Little Tidbits

on February 8, 2012

Hey Everybody, sorry its been a while!

So we’re still working on nailing down the invitations and the caterers (we got an awesome menu put together by the guys who run the other two food trucks besides Carpe Donut), which is requiring a lot of staying on top of things. Hopefully all of this initiative is going to pay off.

Another big thing: I got my dress! No pictures allowed yet, but I think it’s pretty great. It’s got some lacy bits and some beads on it, ya know, it’s pretty (I’m not very good at detailed dress descriptions). Now all I need are shoes and I also think that I’ve settled on a hair piece, although I’m definitely still open to suggestions on both of those fronts. The pictures I’m posting here are the ones that I’m thinking about right now (the headband would actually be silver, to work with our colors). Please please post any ideas you have!

Forrest and I have pretty much figured out our favors, too – so much     new stuff to be worrying about!


4 responses to “Little Tidbits

  1. Trilla Pando says:

    Sounds wonderful, and like you are having a wonderful time planning and playing. We’re looking forward to being grandparents of the groom.

  2. Sarah says:

    I really like the second head piece. I think the last one will be a little harder to deal with as your hair inevitably becomes less perfect as the night goes on.

  3. yessica says:

    where could i get the second head piece?

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