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Busy with Plans

on February 13, 2012

BIG NEWS: Our invitations are in progress, and they look AWESOME. Just wanted to put that out there for you all, now you get to wait to see them until they’re good and ready… they should be going to the printer by the end of the week!

In the meantime, Forrest and I are getting ready for a trip to Florida in the next two weeks to visit some of my family on my dad’s side and maybe get in some time to tan and run around Disneyworld and Universal Studios (Hogwarts Park, here we come!).  We’re really excited about going, but this means that we should wrap up what we’re working on right now before we go kind of, so it’s like a deadline for a lot of things.

I went ahead and ordered the hairpieces I was thinking about, so we should have a bridal hairdo all set up soon, and Forrest is currently working on figuring out his entourage’s outfits – it’s looking pretty snazzy, so all of you should prepare for that. This weekend some of my entourage is going to be hanging out, too, probably talking about what our outfit is going to be like… so many arrangements, so many plans!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any cool places to eat or run around in Florida that you know of, leave them in the comments – Forrest and I are going to have our car so even though we’re going to be in Orlando we’re going to be fairly mobile in the surrounding area.


2 responses to “Busy with Plans

  1. Parker says:

    If you go to Disneyworld you should go to Hollywood Studios and Forrest can give out resumes.

  2. R.J. says:

    Have a great trip!

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