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We’re Back!

on April 10, 2012

Dear Readers,

So we’ve been out and about for the past month, spending time in Florida riding Space Mountain three times in a row and losing our wallets in Harry Potter World, Universal Studios (oops… Forrest found it, though, so I just need to do a better job about not leaving my wallet in candy shops). Then we went to Boston to visit our dear friends Erik and Sarah, who helped us figure out a more logistics for the wedding. We’ve also been spending a great deal of time back in Charlottesville, either working or spending time with my dad or meeting with vendors for the wedding or spending time with people in the entourages or a million other things.

We have made some progress since my last post, so let me bring you up to speed:

-we have a DJ! He has a bubble machine! Now I just have to prevent him from playing the chicken dance at the wedding at all costs, and we’ll be golden in that department.

-we went for a tasting with our head caterer (not Carpe Donut, because they’re only handling the dessert) and everything he made for us was spectacular. Not to mention that he’s a really nice guy. So I think that we pretty much have the catering in order.

-my stepmom has been experimenting with a bunch of different kinds of paper flowers since we’re not going with a traditional florist. We’re going to have to make a whole lot of paper flowers before the date! We did also just place an order for around 300 balloons online….

-we have a photographer, who actually approached us and is pushing for us to do an engagement shoot, which we weren’t really planning on doing before. She’s really wonderful, high-energy, and knows what she’s doing. We’re very excited to be working with her. If you have any ideas on where in Richmond would be a good place to do an Up engagement shoot, or any cool ideas for a shoot at all, please let us know.

-I’m still trying to find a hair place in Charlottesville. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know – I usually go to the Hair Cuttery so I’m not really sure where to turn when it comes to a wedding hair styling.

Let us know what you think, and it’s good to be back!



3 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. Hannah says:

    The Studio is an awesome fair-priced hair salon, request Kim; she’s fantastic and really friendly.

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