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And the panic sets in…

Dear World,

We have now moved back to Cville and begun to market our start up company, Citrus Cinema. I thought we were doing a pretty alright job of splitting our time between our responsibilities… and then I made a big list of all of the stuff we still needed to do for the wedding, and then I didn’t feel like that as much anymore.

I always thought that I would be fine without an event planner for the wedding – this was just folly, pure folly, on my part. If I wanted to continue to have a life in the weeks leading up to the wedding I should have gotten an event planner. Not only would this have helped me be less freaked out about everything going smoothly, but it would have kept us on track – I just realized that I should probably get my dress altered last week, for example (good thing, too, because it takes two weeks).

Forrest is a lot calmer than I am, but he’s doing more Citrus Cinema stuff than I am and I think he spends less time thinking about it. Lucky.

Another last minute thing we realized we need to put together is the arbor thing we’re going to get married under… we’re envisioning a basic four-pole structure with weathered planks of wood at the top – does anyone know where we could find weathered planks of wood?

Otherwise, I think we’re organizing things pretty well – I’ve written an itinerary, made a seating chart, mapped out everything for the reception and ceremony, made a playlist for the DJ… I know, you’re impressed, right? It’s all necessary since we’re not going to really be available for most of the day-of since we’ll be getting ready and having fun, because that’s what we’re supposed to do, or so everyone has told us. We do have a lot of people helping us, which has really been one of the best parts of all of this shenaniganry – we got to spend a lot of time with good friends.

Thanks everybody, and congratulations to all who graduated recently!


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