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Favor Ideas

One of the things I’m most psyched about putting together for the wedding are the favors for people to take with them after all of the shenanigans are over. Here are some ideas I found:

Design Your Own Glass Apothecary Jar Wedding Favors

“Evergreen” Window Planter Place Card/Photo Holder Wedding Favors

Miniature Gnome with Fuchsia Polka Dot Hat Wedding Favors

Decor Picnic Basket Wedding Centerpieces

Here’s an eco-friendly favor idea: seed bombs!

Papier mache confetti ball favors for your New Year’s and holiday season wedding!

Top 5 rustic wedding favors from Little Things

Portuguese “happy pill” wedding favors

Rock ‘n’ roll wedding favors to match your kick-ass wedding

Geeky wedding favors for every genre of geekdom

8 ways to save money on wedding favors

Putting the FAVOR in wedding favors

Geeky wedding favors Little Things Favors

Eco-friendly wedding favors from Little Things Favors

Incredible edible wedding favors from Little Things

Have any more ideas? Leave me us a comment, here or on Facebook. Thanks everybody!



Should we have a photobooth?

I’ve seen some pictures of some pretty great photobooth ideas…

Nerdy props for your wedding photobooth (plus other supplies from ThinkGeek)

The ultimate DIY wedding photobooth tutorial

Create an instant wedding photobooth with Sparkbooth

“Don’t Box Me In” Photobooth Idea

That Wedding: Photobooth

DIY: Wedding Photo Booth (sevenEightcline)

That should be a good number of links for you to get the idea… is it worth it for us to get together materials for us to do this? Does anyone know a free photographer who could do this, or should we set it up ourselves? This isn’t a pressing issue, I just figured that it doesn’t hurt to find out how people feel about an idea (and I’m trying to put out a post a day for you all!… at least before school starts >.<)



The Next Step: Catering

King Family Vineyard has a list of preferred caterers (and everything else), and that’s the next thing to worry about. If anyone wants to check out the list and give us some recommendations if any of these are familiar. Thanks!

And here are a few more inspiration links for you all:

Who doesn’t like furniture from Anthropologie? This piece is awesome because the door is fullsize, otherwise it’s pretty simple. This is a chair I’ve wanted from there for a year now.

This invitation etc. design is so awesome, and basically the exact colors I wanted to emulate with balloons at the wedding.

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Location Decided

Forrest Here. Here’s the skinny on where we are pretty sure we’re going to have it. We decided to have the wedding at a Vineyard called King Family Vineyard out in Crozet. We went out there to take a look this weekend and pretty much decided there was no turning back. It’s really pretty and it has a nice wide open indoor reception area (which I’ve linked a 360 view of the reception area we shot.) We’re pretty pumped that we have the location hammered down and can now start focusing on the other 1,000,000 things that need to happen for everything to become awesome.


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Coming out

Officially announced our engagement on Facebook today, and the response is largely positive! One of the best parts of this is getting back in touch with old friends, and finding out what people are up to as we all enter adulthood. I’ll post this blog to my Facebook page so that people can keep up with us on here instead of inundating everyone’s newsfeed with wedding whatnot.

In other news, we’re pretty sure that we’ve chosen a location! King Family Vineyard is in Crozet, so everyone will have a short drive to get there, but it’s surrounded by horses in fields and the mountains. It’s a pretty adult setting for a ceremony and reception that will probably be fairly childlike. I think it’ll work out quite well, though.

In case you didn’t already know, our theme is Pixar’s movie UP, and our colors are blue and silver.

Current inspiration:

Offbeat Bride


“Up” inspired wedding that came before us


Location, Location, Location

After contacting a few venues we have three appointments to take tours:

Thursday @ 2pm – Keswick Vineyards

Friday @ 12 – King Family Vineyards

Friday @ 4 – Stonefire Station


If any parents would like to tag along, text us and we can make arrangements. So much depends on the location, it’s nerve-wracking to make a choice about this – places are very particular about what you can do in their space, and most of the ones I looked at make you use pre-approved caterers (if they don’t make you use their own restaurant), pre-approved DJs (guess we’re not having a band), pre-approved florists, etc. Basically, anything else we decide we want for the wedding is dependent on the venue. Oh, not to mention the actual date – that’s important.

We’ll keep everyone up to date on our decision, but if you have any ideas in the meantime feel free to voice them. Most of you have our emails or phone numbers (texts are so much better, at least for me) or you’re friends with us on Facebook.

According to the Complete Wedding Guide app I’ve been using, my next steps are to select and reserve our officiant, get together my dress, select and book a photographer, and select our wedding party… and we still have to sign up for classes. Life goes on.


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Hello world!

This is a blog for those of you who want to follow our progress as we plan our wedding. Hooray for us, we’re engaged! As we go along, we would love for you to send us ideas, feedback, and media to help us make this the most awesome wedding you’ve ever been to.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

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